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Krönung der Sommer-Tipkönige 2019 vom 26. August 2019

Summer merges into Fall - time to crown our Summer Royals of 2019 who participated in our semi annual "Guess the Film!" game. Again showered with gifts from our sponsors, who all deserve our gratitude and an extra applause. For a larger version just click on the pictures:

Moderation   Bronze medalist
As always a warm welcome by
Master of Statistics Kasi Mir.
  KassandraJo scored 57 points which earned her
the bronze medal. Welcome back!
Bronze medal prizes   Silver medalist
See what you get for 3rd place.   Former Queen Letthesunshinein made 76 points
which earned her the silver medal.
Silver medal prizes   Gold medalist
The reward for her efforts.   Former Vice-King Ritter Dickie is back to reign
with 85 points.
Gold medal prizes   King and court of summer 2019
Spot the vouchers for our beloved
Brooklyn Burger Bar,reserved for the King!
  All hail our new King & Queens of Summer 2019!
Big thanks to our photographers Jan Boltze & Kasi Mir for providing the pictures!


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