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Krönung der Winter-Tipkönige 2017 vom 26. März 2018

Exactly 10 years after our old home, the Grindel Cinema, closed its doors forever, and six months after our summer season coronation of our most successful tippers in the "Guess the Film!" game it was time to crown our winter season winners. Please click on the pictures to get a larger version:

The Team   Bronze medal prizes
The Team is ready, Kasi Mir is doing his thing.   Even scoring 3rd place is worth it - look at all the stuff.
Silver medal prizes   Gold medal prizes
2nd place is even better, thanks to the Passage Kino and all the sponsors   It doesn't beat the King though. But wait... where is the Gold medal?
Gold medal and goodies bag   Callisto - 3rd place, 67 points
There it is!   Simon congratulating Callisto
Callisto and the bag of goodies   JanH back again
67 points - well done!   That face looks familiar?
JanH with Roughale and a bag of goodies   The old and new king of the sneak
Yes, it's JanH. 3rd place one year ago, but scored 2nd place this time with 72 points.   Hence our reigning ritter, no make that king dickie defends his throne and continues his winning streak - 109 points secured him the gold medal.
ritter dickie getting a special bonus   The winners of Winter 2017!
As if that and the goody bag wasn't enough: for his effort he was awarded with a voucher sponsored by the Brooklyn Burger Bar. Well deserved.   Hail to the new Queen & Kings!

You want to become Summer King or Queen of 2017? Just go to Guess the Film! and try it!

Big thanks to our photographers Dennis Albrecht & Kasi Mir for providing the pictures!


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