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Krönung der Winter-Tipkönige 2016 vom 20. Februar 2017

Twice a year we have a coronation: we invite most successful tippers of the Guess the Film! game on stage. Traditionally the Winter Kings & Queens are rewarded in the first quarter of the new year. So, on Monday, February 20th, we welcomed the Winter Kings of 2016. Congratulations!

A big thanks to Jan Boltze and Dennis Albrech who provided the pictures (additional photography courtesy of Kasi Mir); please click on each image to get a larger version.

winter16_01.jpg winter16_02.jpg
Joined 3rd place for JanH and VerdeART, both have 52 points and are in the top three for the third time. JanH even third time in a row. 2nd place for Ritter Dickie with 67 points. Thanks to the Passage Kino, all winners get a whole bunch of freebies, incl. vouchers for the cinema and the bar.
winter16_03.jpg winter16_04.jpg
Like Ritter Dickie, Zuckerbaron is a first-timer. But scoring the most points (83), his booty is of course the biggest. Our master of statistics Kasi Mir welcomes the winners.
winter16_05.jpg winter16_06.jpg
Serial winner JanH gets his bronze medal from Simon. Another tub like this is waiting for VerdeART when he's back in March.
winter16_07.jpg winter16_08.jpg
Roughale displaying the contents. Silver medal for Ritter Dickie!
winter16_09.jpg winter16_10.jpg
Emma was honored to award the gold medal to Zuckerbaron. The reward for weeks of guessing (enough) right movies.
winter16_11.jpg winter16_12.jpg
Congratulations to all winners All finalists (minus one). Well done!

You want to become Summer King or Queen of 2017? Just go to Guess the Film! and get going!


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