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Version 2.08
OV in HH

18. - 24. April

[3D] "Avengers: Endgame"
Mi 16:15
Mi 20:15

[2D] "Avengers: Endgame"
Mi 00:01
Mi 12:15

"After" (2019)
Sa 13:15

"The Boy Who Would Be King"
So 11:00
Mo 12:00
Fr 13:45
Di 14:45
Do 15:00

"Hellboy: Call of Darkness"
Sa, So 22:30

[2D] "Shazam!"
So 14:00
Mo 15:00
Sa 19:15
Fr 19:30

[2D] "Captain Marvel"
Fr 16:30
Di 17:30
So 19:30
Do 20:00
Mo 20:30

"Free Solo"
So 17:00

CinemaxX Dammtor
[3D] "Avengers: Endgame"
Mi 00:05
Mi 19:30

UCI Othmarschen-Park
"After" (2019)
Mo 20:00

UCI Mundsburg
"After" (2019)
So 19:45

"At Eternity's Gate" (OmU)
So 10:50
So 16:45
Fr, Sa 17:00
Do, Di 17:15
Mi 17:30
So 19:15
Fr, Sa, Mi 19:30
Do, Mo, Di 19:40

"The Aftermath" (OmU)
Mi 15:00
Do, Fr, Mo, Mi 17:00
Sa, So 17:15
Di 17:30
Do, Fr, Mo, Di 19:30
Sa, So 19:40

"Christo - Walking on Water" (OmU)
So 10:45
Sa, Di 12:45
Fr 13:00
Do 15:00
Mo 17:30

"Us" (2019; OmU)
Di 17:00
Fr, So, Mi 21:30

"Free Solo" (OmU)
Fr, Mo 10:50
Fr-Mo 21:45

"Green Book" (2018; OmU)
Sa 12:30
Di 14:30

"mid90s" (OmU)
Sa 17:30
Di 21:15
Fr 21:45

"At Eternity's Gate" (OmU)
Di 17:15
Di 20:30
Do, Sa, So 22:30

"The Aftermath" (OmU)
Di 15:30

"Christo - Walking on Water" (OmU)
Fr 11:00
Sa-Mo 13:00

"The Old Man & the Gun" (OmU)
Di 17:00

"Free Solo" (OmU)
So 14:30
Do-Sa 22:45

Krönung der Sommer-Tipkönige 2016 vom 5. September 2016

For the 2nd time this year we have a coronation of the best tippers of our Guess the Film! game. This time, it's the Kings of Summer 2016. Congratulations!

A big thank you to Jan Boltze who took and provided the pictures; please click on the pictures to get a larger version.

pic01.jpg pic02.jpg
First of all, here are the prizes for the bronze medalist ... ... followed by an even more awesome collection for the gold medalist.
pic03.jpg pic04.jpg
And as there are two gold medalists this time, there is a second,
almost identical collection (spot the difference!) ;-).
The busy team: Simon, Rafael & Kasi Mir
pic05.jpg pic06.jpg
It all starts with the medal for 3rd place: Mouserat and only stops with the load of goodies
pic07.jpg pic08.jpg
History repeats itself: JanH made 1st place again (far left)
but had to share it with Ser Kudl this time (far right).
A big thank you to the Passage Kino and all sponsors of this event.


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