#1420 How to Blow Up a Pipeline

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#1420 How to Blow Up a Pipeline

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"How to Blow Up a Pipeline" was inspired by a non-fiction book - swedish journalist, activist and university lecturer Andreas Malm published "How to Blow Up a Pipeline. Learning to Fight in a World on Fire" in 2020 in which he argued for a more active climate change movement willing to commit acts of sabotage. Dierector Daniel Goldhaber, (who previously only directed one feature, 2018s thriller "CAM"), together with lead actress Ariela Barber (whom you might know from stints on TV shows "Atypical" and "Marvel's Runaways") and Jordan Sjol turned this book into a screenplay about a bunch of desperate people trying to blow up an oil pipeline somewhere in rural Texas. Here's the trailer:

And how did yoi like this mix of character drama, heist movie and thriller? Let us know in a reply to this posting!
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Re: #1420 How to Blow Up a Pipeline

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Toller Film über die verschiedenen Arten der Radikalisierung.
-> 2

PS : ich fühle mich an Shadowrun aus den 90er/2000er erinnert.
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