#1419 Renfield

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#1419 Renfield

Beitrag von Kasi Mir »

One could argue that this week's sneak film actually showed way more blood and violence that last week's "Pearl" - my warning before the film sbout a little blood that could be spilled was not meant as a joke, I was myself surprised how full-on violent the film got for a comedy. I shoudn't have been that surprised, though, because the idea for the film came from "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman, who penned the script together with to screenwriters who mainly worked in TV comedies before. This script was then directed by Chris McKay, whose previous credits include "The Lego Batman Movie" and Amazon Prime's "The Tomorrow War".

Here's the trailer:

And how did you enjoy this film, which not unlike "Kick-Ass" mixed comedy with ultra-violent action scenes? How did you like Nicholas Hoult as the titular Renfield, plus of cource Nicolas Cage as the prince of darkness, and Awkwafina as obsessed cop Rebecca? Let us know what you thought of "Renfield" in a reply to this posting.
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Re: #1419 Renfield

Beitrag von joe22589 »

Did Nicholas Cage act in a good movie since "Con Air"? I think he did not. His acting is always over the top or the mivies belong to the category B. And so it was in this bloody movie. I wanted to leave the cinema several times, but finally I stayed till the end. There only was one scene I enjoyed - the rest was mediocre. The screenplay was not funny and it was not a comedy. I would call it a persiflage. A movie that will be forgotten soon. I voted a "4"
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Re: #1419 Renfield

Beitrag von Roughale »

Ja, hat er in seiner Fakebio mit dem langen Titel, den ich mir nicht merken kann, irgendwas mit Curry ... ähh ... Talent :mrgreen:

Und für diesen überkandidelten Film mit ordentlich Blut war er schon eine gute Wahl, da passte es einfach sehr gut. Leider doch einige Längen zwischen den Showdowns, aber was soll's mir hat es ordentlich Spass gemacht und darum geht's doch - 2.
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