#1406 How to Please a Woman

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#1406 How to Please a Woman

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To get that out of the way first: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

there I was, feeling sorry for myself, as I sat sequestered at home on a Sneak night for the first time in more than 23 years - and out of all possible dates, on my birthday! - but all that was forgotten once I heard you sneaky Sneakers belt out a Happy Birthday for me. Thanks for that lift-up and a big heart (in Sneak color, of course) to you all!


As for the film - which I would not have guessed even if I had watched the trailer show - it's an australian comedy from writer/director Renée Webster who has been working for two decades in TV, though this is her first feature film - which some people likened to "Good Luck to You, Leo Grande". Well I wouldn't go that far, but here's the trailer:

And how did you enjoy your time of the employees of "Pleased to Move You". How did you like the "performances" of this not-quite "Magic Mike" team, the jokes, and the general storyline. Please let us know in a reply to this posting. And see you next week! *fingers crossed*
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Re: #1406 How to Please a Woman

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G'day mate, so we had that stripping cleaner comedy at the Sneak in the sneak so far away from its origin, but does it matter? Nah, I laughed, liked the idea and rate it with a 2...

Tada, Bruce
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