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#1378 Nope

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"Nope" is the third film of ccomedian-turned-director Jordan Peele, who received an Academy Award for his screen play for #11621 "Get Out". After his second film, the home invasion thriller (with a twist, of course) "Us", he now returns with this tale of a family of Hollywood horse handlers who witness something strange going on around (and above) their family estate, as can be seen in the trailer:

"Nope" is Peele's longest film to date, clocking in at two hours and ten minutes; how did you like this tall tale with many sideshow attractions (not all of which a really relevant for the main plot)? How did you like Keke Palmer as frantic younger sister Emerald and Daniel Kaluuya as stoic older brother OJ? How did you like the supporting cast, from Stephen Yeun as amusement park owner Jupe to Brandon Perea as tech-store employee Angel, Michael Wincott as disillusioned cinematographer Antlers, and many more? How did you find the story, which took its time to get the ball rolling? And how did you find the cinematoghaphy by none other than Christopher Nolan's "camera guy" Hoyte van Hoytema? Let us know what you thought of "Nope" in a reply to this post - but please, mark spoilers for the film with the


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Re: #1378 Nope

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Was? Keine Kritik von Roughale? NOPE! :mrgreen:

Der übliche Peele Fehler, dass sich der Beginn in die Länge zieht, ist auch hier wieder anzumerken. Da gab es zwar die Affenszenen, die einen spannenden Einstieg lieferten, aber ehrlich gesagt, hab ich nicht so ganz geschnallt, was das sollte, hab ich was übersehen? Egal, die zweite Hälfte des Films war so spannend, dass ich den mal einfach als Peeles bisher besten Film bezeichnen möchte und eine 1- vergebe.
Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)