#1377 No Name Restaurant (2022)

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#1377 No Name Restaurant (2022)

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German films are a rate find at our Sneak - no wonder, as we show only english-language movies. But there have been precedents before, for example #0533 "Almost Heaven" (with Heike Makatsch) or #0629 "One Way" (with Til Schweiger). Now "No Name Restaurant" joins this club, which took almost 15 years to make. First, there way the script by Stefan Sarazin and Peter Keller, who won the "Deutsche Drehbuchpreis" (worth 30.000 Euros) at the Berlinale - back in 2011. But turning that script into a film was an uphill battle, not leaste because of the subject matter poking fun at at least two religions and using the conflicts between Israel and various Arab nations as a backdrop for a rather unpolitical "buddy movie" in the desert. But somehow, they got it done, and the result can be seen in the trailer (which unfortunately is in German, as I haven't been able for find an english-language one):

And how do you like this road-movie comedy with an Arab and a Jew in the desert (which sounds like the beginning of some joke)? How did you like Brooklyn-borg Luzer Twersky as devout Jew Ben, and Haitham Omari as Adel, the man who pick him up in the Sinai desert? How about the story? Please let us know what you thought of "No Name Restaurant" in a reply to this posting.

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Re: #1377 No Name Restaurant (2022)

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Wenig Zeit, aber zur Wertung reicht es: Mässig = 4.
Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)