#1370 Press Play

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#1370 Press Play

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Greg Björkman is a pretty clean slate when it comes to cinematic endeavours; he worked as a production assistant on #0974 "Stuck in Love" and did visual effect work for a couple of short films, and for tearjerker "The Fault in Our Stars". "Press Play" is his first directorial effort apart from a documentary short ten years ago, he co-wrote the script with fellow first-timer James Bachelor, who also only worked on a few short films. Thus, it's quite a surprise that he got legend Danny Glover and up-and-coming actess Clara Rugaard, a native of Denmark who had her sneak debut in #1280 "I Am Mother" and will next be starring as Mary Shelly alongside Kit Harrington in "Mary's Monster" for his little movie.

Here's the trailer for "Press Play":

And how did you like this rather short (79 minutes until the credits) feature film, which was a cross of a romantic drama and a fantasy film and shared similarities with both #1191 "Happy Death Day" and #1163 "Before I Fall"? How did you like the time-travel aspects of the movie, and what about the romance angle? Please tell us your thoughts about "Press Play" in a reply to this posting.
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