#1367 Sundown (2021)

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#1367 Sundown (2021)

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Writer/director Michel Franco is a relative unknown, even though some of his films turned heads at various festivals, e.h. "Nuevo Orden" (where a wedding turned into a coup d'etat) or "Chronic" (where Tim Roth played a caregiver for patients with chronic illnesses). The filmmaker has a reputation for creating movies with sparse dialog and an often hard-to-decode narrative, though I cannot vouch for that, as "Sundown" is the first film I've seen from him:

Here's the trailer:

And how did you like the film, which featured Tim Roth in almost every scene, many of which fitted the bill of "sparse dialog"? How did you like the story, the direction, and the cinematography? With only 75 minutes runtime until the closing credits, this must have been on of the shortest Sneak movies of the 21st century, so you should have ample time to tell us your thoughts about the film in a reply to this posting. 8)

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Re: #1367 Sundown (2021)

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Kritik im Sinne des Films, recht inhaltlos aber auch nicht wirklich schlecht - 3.
Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)