#1364 The Outfit (2022)

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#1364 The Outfit (2022)

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"THe Outfit" is the directorial debut of Chicago native Graham Moore, who won a Oscar for his 2014 screenplay for "The Imitation Game". This time, he partnered up with veteran actor but first-time co-author Johnathan McClain to create a story set in 1950s Chicago, where a British cutter (he doesn't like the term "tailor") gets in the crossfire of collisions between two rivaling gangster syndicates. As can be seen in the trailer:

And how did you like this tale of betrayal and murder with many twists and turns? How did you enjoy Mark Rylance as mild-mannered and well-spoken cutter Leonard, Johnny Flynn as mob enforcer Francis, Zoey Deutch as Leonard's assistant Mable, and Dylan O'Brien as mob boss son Richie? Please let us know in a reply to this post, no dead drop necessary. 8)

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Re: #1364 The Outfit (2022)

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Ein wirklich schöner Film, auch wenn die Ruhe in der Mitte etwas zuviel war, so haben die gelungenen Twists gegen Ende das wieder wettgemacht und ich kann eine 2- geben.
Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)