#1363 Everything Everywhere All at Once

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#1363 Everything Everywhere All at Once

Beitrag von Kasi Mir »

That filmmakers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert - who publish their joint ventures under the moniker "Daniels" - have a vivid imagination, we Sneakers already knew; after all, we witnessed it firsthand in 2016s #1130 "Swiss Army Man", where a corpse came in handy for all sorts of things. Their new film "Everything Everywhere All at Once" feels bigger in any way possible though; plus, they even dare to show their own version of the "multiverse" concepts mere weeks before Marvel will present their "Multiverse of Madness". Those who witnessed the "Daniels" film tonight may have difficulties considering whatever will happen to "Dr. Strange" in that film true madness, because Kwan & Scheinert have set the bar pretty high, as can be seen in the trailer:

And how did you enjoy this onslaught of alternate realities, weird ideas and non-traditional combat that was "Everything Everywhere All at Once"? How did you like the performers, for example by Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn and Jamie Lee Curtis as IRS agent Deirdre, probably the most well-known actresses in the film, but also Ke Huy Quan as husband Waymond, James Hong as father Gong Gong, and of course Stephanie Hsu as daughter Joy? Please let us know what you thought about the film in a reply to this posting.

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Re: #1363 Everything Everywhere All at Once

Beitrag von Roughale »

Hohe Erwartungen die eingehalten und gar übertroffen werden, hat man gerne - den Film gestern hatte ich sehr gerne :mrgreen:

Schön twisted und immer wieder neue Ideen und mega unterhaltend. OK etwas viel mitzulesen, was mit müden Augen besonders beim etwas ruhiger abgehenden Endpart, aber auch da gab es noch viel Highlights. Die Highlights rauszupicken, ist schwer, weil sie so zahlreich, wie die Universen erscheinen, daher muss man spontan sein also ohne viel Grüblen: Racatouille und 2001.

Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)