#1358 Death of a Ladies' Man

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#1358 Death of a Ladies' Man

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"Death of a Ladies' Man" is the first film by canadian filmmaker Matt Bissonnette in over a decade; in it, he returned to one of his favorite subjects as a narrative device, fellow canadian singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen (who might be most well known today for "Hallelujah", though his catalog of compositions and recordings is vast). This time, he uses seven songs by the artist (who died in 2016) to illustrate the journey of "Ladies' Man" Samuel O'Shea, who just broke up with his second wife, found out his first wife is going to remarry, when he starts seeing weird hallucinations including of his long-dead father, and wonders what his life's work has amounted to. The trailer (with a few spoilers, so watch out!) illustrates his predicament:

And how did you like this film, which seemed to go weirder by the minute? How did you like Gabriel Byrne as Samuel, Brian Gleeson as his father Ben, Jessica Paré as shop clerk Charlotte, Antoine-Olivier Pilon as son Layton and Karelle Tremblay as daughter Josée. Did you enjoy how the songs were integrated into the narrative, and what about the narrative itself, which always kept us guessin what was real and what not? Please tell us what you thought about "Death of a Ladies' Man" (which probably not by coincidence was also the name of a Cohen album from 1977).

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Re: #1358 Death of a Ladies' Man

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Was soll ich sagen, aber ich muss ja, old school Ansage usw :wink:

Gabriel Byrne sehe ich gerne und was er teilweise gesehen hat auch, besonders tanzende Eishockeyteams und feuerspuckende Flugenten :mrgreen: Aber ansonsten baute der Film deutlich im Verlauf ab und wurde gegen Ende fast nervig - wir haben uns nacher drauf geeinigt, dass das wohl mit dem trocken werden zusammenhängen könnte - egal gelungen fand ich dann noch das Ende wo dioe Antwort auf die Frage wie der Tod nun ist abgeschnitten war - no spoilers. Mögen wir alle das erst viel später in unserem Leben rausfinden...

Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)