#1330 Supernova (2020)

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#1330 Supernova (2020)

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After last week's thriller from Detroit (by way of Serbia 8) ), the Sneak once again did a 180 and tonight presented a small character-driven drama and road movie from the English countryside. "Supernova" was written an directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Harry Macqueen, who got his first gig in "Me & Orson Welles" (Sneak #0817). More than 500 sneaks later, he has returned with this tale of an long-term gay couple who has to deal with the fact that one of them begins to lose his mind to some form of dementia. Here is the trailer:

How did you enjoy this melancholic, quiet, but no less moving tale? What did you think of Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth as writer Tusker and pianist Sam? Please tell us what you thought of "Supernova" in a reply to this post.