#1329 Don't Breathe 2

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#1329 Don't Breathe 2

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For the first time since our 25th Sneak anniversary back in Oktober 2019, we got a direct sequel tonight. "Don't Breathe 2" plays an unknown amount of time (but at least eight years) after the events of #1128 "Don't Breathe", with Stephen Lang's blind ex-Navy SEAL Nordstorm as the only character returning for the second time around (not that all that many people survived the original movie ...). This time around, though, he's not the primary "villain" (not entirely fitting considering DB1 put petty thieves against a rapist), but rather the protagonist, caring for his "daughter" Phoenix, which quickly escalates when bad guys show up at his house again. The film was once again written by the Uruguayan horror experts Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, this time, the latter took over directing from the former. Here's the trailer:

Were you around back in 2016 when "Don't Breathe" was show at the sneak, or have you seen the first part since then? If so, how would you compare "Don't Breathe 2" to its predecessor? If you haven't seen it, how did you like this film stand-alone? How did you enjoy second lead Madelyn Grace in her movie debut (after a number of guest spots in television), and of course how did you like Lang the second time around? Please write down your thoughts about "Don't Breathe 2" in a reply to this post.

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Re: #1329 Don't Breathe 2

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Der Film war viel schmalziger als erwartet.

Es gab ein paar nette Wendung aber viel vorhersehbares.
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