#1328 Penguin Bloom

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#1328 Penguin Bloom

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And so we're back to the "based on a true story" subgenre of movies - plus, we returned to Australia, where our first post-2nd-lockdown movie was also "Long Story Short" was also playing. "Penguin Bloom" was first published as a book in 2016, written both by Cameron, the real-life husband and father of the Bloom family, and veteran writer Bradley Trevor Greive. The rights to adapt this work into a movie were sold to an Australian producer who had close ties to actress Reese Witherspoon, who in turn got Naomi Watts interested in playing the lead role of family wife and mother Sam Bloom, who after a tragic accident was bound to a wheelchair, and as an avid hiker, surfer and swimmer, had serious difficulties coping with her loss of mobility:

Here's the trailer for the film:

And how did you like this movie? How did you enjoy the central performances by Naomi Watts and brit Andrew Lincoln as Sam and Cameron Bloom, plus Griffin Murray-Johnston as son Noah, who one day rescued a australian magpie and named it Penguin, but also dealt with guilt of his own? What about the storytelling, which only rarely drifted into melodrama and mostly kept things matter-of-factly, at times even funny? Write down your thoughts about "Penguin Bloom" as a reply to this post.