#1327 How It Ends

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#1327 How It Ends

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Zoe Lister-Jones may not be a household name, at least in Europe, but the New Yorker actress, writer and director is at least semi-well known in the US, where she worked both in front of and behind the camera for sitcoms such as "Friends with Better Lifes", "New Girl" or "Life in Pieces". She also wrote and directed last year's sequel/remake "The Craft: Legacy". For "How It Ends", a low-key collection of skit formatted as a "road movie on foot" on the last day before an asteroid hits earth, she teamed up with her husband Daryl Wein and gathered many actors with which she worked before in various projects; it was filmed during lockdown in Los Angeles, which explains why many shot feature empty streets, and many scenes were filmed "six feet apart", so to speak. The trailer looks like this:

How did you like "How it ends", which is mainly carried by Lister-Jones as Liza, plus Cailee Spaeny as her younger self? How did you enjoy the various encounters with friends, family, and strangers along the way? And how would you rate it against other "end of the world" fare such as "This is the End", or "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World"? Please tell us your thoughts in a reply to this post.