#1325 Home (2020)

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#1325 Home (2020)

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Franka Potente first raised to national acclaim with her starring role in the comedy "Nach Fünf im Urwald" back in 1995, before she became a worldwide household name with another german-language film - "Lola rennt", which raised head on both sides of the Atlantic.
Starting in 2001, she switched to english-language films (though she never stopped working in her native tougue), most notably perhaps alongside Matt Damon in the "Bourne" series. In the 2010s, her focus switched to TV series - and to writing; she has published a couple of short stories and a novel, "Allmählich wird es Tag". Now comes the next logical step - she's has written and directed a full-length feature film about guilt, atonement and forgiveness. It's simply called "Home", and the tailer (which I could only find dubbed in german, sorry) looks like this:

How did you like the film, which starred Jack McLaughlin ("Safe House", "Savages") als ex-con Marvin who returned to his home town almost two decades after he was incacerated for killing someone? How would you rate the directorial and screenwriting style of Franka Pontente? And how did you like the other roles, most notably of course Kathy Bates as Marvin's ailing mother, Stephen Root as a local priest, and Aisling Franciosi as young single mother Delta? Please let us know what you thought about this film in a reply to this post.
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