#1324 Dream Horse

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#1324 Dream Horse

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After Australia and Los Angeles, our Sneak World Tour continued tonight with a trip to rural Wales. Welsh director Euros Lyn - who mainly worked in Television, and before this had only two welsh-language movies to his credit - realiuzed a script by fellow TV verteran Neil McKay which told the stoy of a small, run-down town in Wales who on a whim - and spurred on by a house wife in desperate need of new goals - decided to breed race horses. Or rather, they re-told the story, because there was a 2015 documentary feature called "Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story Of Dream Alliance" which got praised at Sundance that year.

Here is the trailer for the documentary:

And here is what Mr. Lyn made out of it:

How did you like the film, which borrowed tropes from classic underdog sports stories, but mainly focussed on the characters with Toni Colette in the lead role as Jen, and Damian Lewis as Howard, a former horse owner down on his luck? How did you enjoy the many and varied quirky characters from the welsh town which pitched in to breed a race horse, of all things? How did you like the storytelling? We are eagerly awaiting your - non-monetary, of course - contribution to this thread. 8)