#1313 Love Sarah

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#1313 Love Sarah

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The Sneak restart with a movie so sweet that it actually presented confectioneries - and many of those. While the first ten minutes of "Love Sarah" cast at least a little doubt over emma's pre-screening verdict of "feelgood movie", but after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing and if at all only light drama. The film is the directorial debut (at least for a long-form cinematic release) of Eliza Schroeder who first developed the idea of the film as a student. After years of toying with storylines, she met a producer willing to realize the film, and got playwright Jake Brunger to turn her story into a full-fledged script.

The result looks like this:

What did you think of the film? Did you like the performances by leading ladies Celia Imrie, Shannon Tarbet, and Shelley Conn? How about the male support of Rupert Penry-Jones and Bill Paterson? Let us know your thoughts about "Love Sarah" in a reply to this post.

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Re: #1313 Love Sarah

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Soft. Sweet. Easy. Lovely. Comfortable restart for the sneak. :D