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 Betreff des Beitrags: #1307 The Gentlemen (2020)
BeitragVerfasst: 2020-02-04 0:06 
mySneak.de Team

Registriert: 2002-10-06 14:10
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Guy Richie is back! Well, he wasn't really gone, but since #0724 "RocknRolla", he has stayed away from his trademark gangster comedies and instead opted to do a few big-budget films, both successful ones (the live-action "Aladdin" remake, and two "Sherlock Holmes" films starring Robert Downey jr.) and outright flops ("King Arthur: Legend of the Sword"). "The Gentleman" is a return to his familiar playing ground, this time centering on a drug lord intent on selling his business and retiring, which causes a number of people to get ideas that might be clever in and of itself, but in combination, quickly descend into pure chaos with twists, turns, revelations, and lots and lots of quips and bonmots. So, nothing new there. :-)

Here's the trailer for "The Gentlemen":

And how did you enjoy this movie? Did you like Matthew McConaughey as the US-born marijuana king of England, and Charlie Hunnam as his right-hand man? What about the eclectic cast of supporting characters, from Hugh Grant playing against type a sleazy tabloid journalist, to Henry Goulding and Jeremy Strong as crime lords interested in taking over for McConaughey's Mickie, to Michelle Dockery as Mickie's unflappable wife Rosalind, and of course Colin Farrell as the honest Coach trying to save the kids of his boxing ring from the wrath of the drug lord? Just write down your thoughts about "The Gentleman" in a reply to this post.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: #1307 The Gentlemen (2020)
BeitragVerfasst: 2020-02-04 7:14 
mySneak Aficionado

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Großartige Unterhaltung! Kann man nicht viel zu sagen.

How can you read when you're blind?

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