#1305 Bombshell (2019)

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#1305 Bombshell (2019)

Beitrag von Kasi Mir »

"Bombshell" is not the only recent production about the Fox News sexual harassment scandal - in fact, Jay Roach was preceeded by an HBO miniseries (which aired on Sky over here in Germany) called "The Loudest Voice" for which Russell Crowe was just awarded with a Golden Globe for his portrayal of longtime Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. In "Bombshell", Roach focussed less on Ailes himself and more on the women who suffered through his harassment and abuse, most notably moderators Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) and Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron), with Kayla Pospisil (Margot Robbie) as his most recent target - Kayla is a fictional character, though, most likely a composite made of the accounts of several women. What else is fictional in "Bombshell?" Well, online magazine Slate has put out an article on that subject, which might serve as a starting point. I myself would like to point out that Fox owner Rupert Murdoch (Malcolm McDowell) - who ousted Ailes after Kelly had made her allegations public - has had his fair share of scandals in the past and is almost as staunchly conservative as was his former CEO.

Here's the trailer for the movie version of events:

Oh, and here you can see what Megyn herself, her husband and her team thought of "Bombshell".

But what did you think about the film, about the performances by Theron and Robbie (who both are nominated for an Oscar), by Kidman, Kate McKinnon, Allison Janney, and a whole boatload of well-known actors and actresses, including John Lithgow as Roger Ailes and Connie Britton als his wife Beth, and about the way the story was told? Please write your thoughts down in a reply to this post - and always be fair and balanced, like Fox News. :twisted:

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Re: #1305 Bombshell (2019)

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Definitiv ein guter Film, schauspielerisch top, sogar Kidman mochtre mir gefallen und besonders die Musikuntermalung war klasse, ein gelungener Mix unterschiedlicher Musikstile abgestimmt auf die Stimmung der derzeitigen Szenen - am Ende dan sogar einmal zwei Grundmotive zusammengemischt, weil ein Wechselbad der Emationen dargestellt wurde - genial! Leider einige Längen im Mittelteil, daher "nur" eine ganz starke 2+
Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)