#1292 Brittany runs a Marathon

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#1292 Brittany runs a Marathon

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"Brittany runs a Marathon" was born out of the announcement by Brittany O'Neill to her friends that the would run the New York marathon. One of her friends was TV producer Paul Downs Colaizzo who got inspired to spin a tale of self-realization around the gimmick of trying for said marathon. He wrote most of the story before his friend Brittany even got to a marathon, got funding by a couple of indie production companies, and even got permission to film a few scripted scenes at the actual New York marathon (in fall of 2017). The film, as so many indie features, was screened at Sundance film festival in January of this year, after which Amazon Studios stepped in and bought the global distribution rights for $14 million, which most certainly made the film a net win for the production companies even before it was released anywhere.

Here's the trailer:

And what did you think about the film and its mostly unknown cast? How did you like the story and the characters? Please put your thoughts about the movie into a reply to this post - it does not cost $129 per month as the gyms in NYC. 8)

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Re: #1292 Brittany runs a Marathon

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Ganz vergessen in meinen Brexitvorbereitungen, ich fand den Film nett, grösstenteils, weil mir die Darstellung der Brittany gut gefallen hat und ich sie sympathisch fand - der Rest war recht absehbar, ging aber schnell voran, also passt eine 3.
Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)

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Re: #1292 Brittany runs a Marathon

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Gut gemacht, recht vorhersehbar, nett anzuschauen, schnell wieder vergessen.
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