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 Betreff des Beitrags: #1216 Love, Simon
BeitragVerfasst: 2018-05-07 23:15 
mySneak.de Team

Registriert: 2002-10-06 14:10
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Wohnort: Hamburg
Greg Berlanti is currenlty mainly known as the go-to guy for TV series based on comics, especially of the DC superhero type. He's currently listed as executive producer on no less than five shows of this kind ("Supergirl", "Arrow", "The Flash", "Legends of Tomorrow", "Black Lightning") and runs another comic-based show called "Riverdale." But I remember him as an occasional writer on the classic teen angst show "Dawson's Creek" and the creator of "Everwood", which combined teen and grown-up angst plots. On the big screen, his success so far was very limited: almost no took notice of his relationship dramedy "The Broken Hearts Club" (hint: if you have to put "A Romantic Comedy" as a subtitle, you're not off to a good start), and a decade later, "Life As We Know It" was hated by critics and ignored by the public. Oh, and he co-wrote the screenplay for the dreadful superhero movie "Green Lantern."

For his third cinematic feature, he chose to adapt the novel "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda", the first book by young adult fiction writer Becky Abertalli, which was released only three years ago and won her an award for "Best debut novel written for teens." It was released in Germany under the somewhat non-sequitur title "Nur drei Worte"; the screenplay was written by Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker, both seasoned TV writer whose current claim to fame is America's favorite tearjerker show "This is Us.".

And this is the result in trailer form:

How did you enjoy this classic high-school romcom with a twist? How did you like the main performance by Nick Robertson (who has been acting for almost a decade now and was a regular on the sitcom "Melissa & Joey")? How about the supporting cast, both young and older? Please tell us what you thought about "Love, Simon" in a reply to this post - and no, we won't out you no matter your opinion!

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: #1216 Love, Simon
BeitragVerfasst: 2018-05-08 8:55 
Master of Ceremonies

Registriert: 2002-10-07 14:51
BeitrÀge: 2089
Wohnort: Hamburg
Der Film hat mir gefallen, er hat zwar kaum ein Klichee ausgelassen, aber diese nicht negativ angewandt, sonder charmant in die Story eingewoben, dazu gab es gutes Schauspiel und viel Witz - sogar das sehr positive Ende hat nicht gestört, somit war das einfach gute Unterhaltung - 1-

Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)

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