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 Betreff des Beitrags: #1188 The Big Sick
BeitragVerfasst: 2017-10-23 23:45 
mySneak.de Team

Registriert: 2002-10-06 14:10
BeitrÀge: 1103
Wohnort: Hamburg

So, we got another movie based on a true story, which is rather common these days. That it's - after a fashion -
a romantic comedy, however, is anything but the norm, as that genre has been on life support for at least a decade. Bearing that in mind, it's only fitting that the film itself features a main character on life support for an extended part of the proceedings.

"The Big Sick" is loosely based on the relationship between actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his eventual wife, Emily V. Gordon, who also wrote the screenplay together, changing quite a few things, as can be read over at "History vs. Hollywood", but the main story elements - that Emily got very sick a few months after they met each other, and that Kumail's parents really wanted him to marry a Pakistani woman - are pretty accurate. While Nanjiani plays himself in the movie, his wife - who was a therapist for a while, before becoming a writer and producer - chose not to do the same, so the part went to Zoe Kazan, making her seventh sneak appearance.

Here's the trailer for "The Big Sick":

And how did you like the film? What about the main performances by Nanjiani and Kazan, or the supporting cast, including TV verteran Ray Romano and versatile Holly Hunter, but also the other parents Anupam Kher (who played essentially the same role in both "Bend it like Beckham" and "Bride & Prejudice") and Zenobia Shroff? Did you enjoy the humor and the drama? You don't have to get out cue cards for us, just write down your thoughts as a reply to this post.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: #1188 The Big Sick
BeitragVerfasst: 2017-10-24 9:21 
Master of Ceremonies

Registriert: 2002-10-07 14:51
BeitrÀge: 2081
Wohnort: Hamburg
I really liked the film, it had a good charm, was funny and the acting was good too. I did not mind that this was not the kind of film that does not neccessarily be watched at a cinema, but w/o the sneak I might have never watched it at all, so all is well on my side - rated with a 1.

Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)

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