#1396 She Said

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#1396 She Said

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"Hollywood" goes introspective with "She Said", a retelling of the events that lead to film mogul Harvey Weinstein - who was head of Miramax and then TWC for more than two decades and practically invented the modern Oscar campaign - being confronted (and later tried and sentenced) for his long-running abuse of women, both direct employees of his companies and rising actresses. The two journalists who investigated the story for the "New York Times" later published a book detailing their endeavours (ISBN 1526603268), which became the foundation for the screenplay written by British author Rebecca Lenkiewicz ("Disobedience", "Colette"). The film was directed by german actress, author and director Maria Schader, making her english-language debut for the silver screen (she already has an Emmy which she got for the Netflix miniseries "Unorthodox"). Here's the trailer:

And how did you enjoy the film, which bears similarities to both #1097 "Spotlight" and #1305 "Bombshell"? How did you like the performances by leads Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan? How about the storytelling, which focused on the victims and almost completely left out the perpetrator? Let us know what you thought of "She Said" in a reply to this posting.

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Re: #1396 She Said

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Schwere Kost... Auf jeden Fall gut umgesetzt, aber manchmal zog es sich doch etwas in die Länge, aber nicht so sehr, dass es wirklich genervt hat, daher eine schnelle 2 von mir, die Zeit rtennt mir wieder weg...

PS: Irgendwann hab ich aufgerhört auf Ryan Gossling zu warten :lol:
Peace, Roughale (aka Roughoul or AROHYOUGEEAGEAYELEE)